Details Matter

The impression your facility makes on your customers is important. Customers appreciate a clean, welcoming environment and the impression it makes is priceless. It's our mission at Hempton to ensure your business makes that perfect first impression. 

At Hempton we believe in integrity, in the personal care of our clients and in being locally minded. These beliefs and our attention to detail set us apart.

stock-photo-cleaner-with-mop-and-uniform-cleaning-hall-floor-of-public-business-building-164713328 (1).jpg


We believe in honesty and honoring our commitments. 

We are fully insured and bonded.

Personal Care

We believe in building and maintaining our relationships with our clients. Understanding their needs and the flexibility to meet those needs are essential to serving them well.

Locally Minded

We believe in our community. We live here, worship here and do business here. We're local and that makes us available, whenever needed.